BLACKPINK member shared their thought on new achievements through ‘BORN PINK’ Countdown Party’ 

The group BLACKPINK expressed pride in their achievements with ‘Pink Venom’.

On the afternoon of the 16th, BLACKPINK released ‘BORN PINK’ Countdown Party’ through their official YouTube account. The video was pre-recorded.


On this day, Blackpink mentioned the achievements they made with the pre-released song ‘Pink Venom’ from their 2nd regular album. They achieved 100 million views with ‘Pink Venom’ after 29 hours and 35 minutes, the fastest among K-pop girl groups. Rosé laughed, saying, “Blink was blinking. To be honest, I watch (the video) a lot.”

She continued, “It is said that the number of YouTube subscribers exceeded 80 million at the same time.” 

Jisoo said, “I’m so grateful that you gave me a lot of attention,” she said after laughing. “I’m proud, and I feel good to receive attention,” she said.

On the other hand, Black Pink’s 2nd regular album ‘Born Pink’ contains the boldness and confidence of the four members who have had a unique presence since birth. They are expected to paint their discography darker with the team’s own music color.

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The title track “Shut Down” is a song that opens a new horizon for BLACKPINK music, where classical and hip-hop intersect. Paganini’s sampling of “La Campanella” and trendy hip-hop beats create an exquisite harmony. The sharp violin performance and heavy sound will be combined to provide pleasure.

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