“Show Me The Money” winner Lee Young Ji, “I watched ‘Reborn Rich’ at the same time” 

Lee Young Ji, the latest champion of “Show My The Money”, confessed that she watched “Reborn Rich” at the same time as her show.

On the 2nd episode of tvN’s entertainment show “Earth Arcade 2”, which aired on May 19th, the four “earth warriors” Lee Eunji, Mimi, Lee Young Ji, and Ahn Yujin, appeared. 

Here, as the quartet participated in a quiz to earn Korean food, the famous K-drama “Reborn Rich” came up as a question. At this time, Lee Young Ji recited numerous famous lines of the character Jin Yang Chul, leaving the production team surprised.

lee young ji

In particular, PD Na Young Seok was amazed that Lee Young Ji had watched the drama, considering that it aired during the same time the female rapper was busy with “Show Me The Money”. 

In response, Lee Young Ji elicited laughter by saying, “I watched it because it had better ratings than ours at the same time. I was wondering how fun it would be.” 

Eventually, Lee Young Ji got the answer to the quiz related to “Reborn Rich” Jin Yang Chul. 

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ji was born in 2002, and is 22 years old in Korean age this year. She won the Mnet hip-hop survival program “Show Me the Money 11”, which was broadcasted this year, becoming the first female winner.

Source: Daum

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