“Have sex with female subscribers at the same time” Revelation of 1-million-subscriber couple YouTuber who broke up

Couple YouTuber Cherry & Dong’s Park Chae-rin (Chaekku) exposed that she is being harassed by her ex-lover and co-channel operator Seo Dong-hyun (Ddongkku)

A video titled “Reveal the true nature of Seo Dong-hyun (Ddongkku), who pretends to be the victim” was posted on the YouTube channel “Cherry & Dong” on Oct 2nd.

In the video, Park Chae-rin (Chaekku) said, “It’s been 7 months since I broke up with my ex-boyfriend Seo Dong-hyun, but even after the breakup, I’ve continuously suffered from threats and harassment from Seo Dong-hyun.


She continued, “6 months after breaking up with Seo Dong-hyun, I began dating Yoon Han-jin (a fitness YouTuber). I know there may be doubts that I was unfaithful. However, I wanted to explain to all of you the reasons and circumstances behind my decision to publicly date again.”

She explained, “From the time we broke up until now, I’ve received threatening phone calls and messages from Seo Dong-hyun several times a week. Accordingly, I live in fear every day. Yoon Han-jin fully understands my situation and comforts me.”


Park Chae-rin revealed, “While threatening me, Seo Dong-hyun engaged in sexual activities with unknown women through a chat app. He also had sexual relations with female subscribers who contacted him because of their affection as fans for him.”

She added, “Seo Dong-hyun frequently mentioned extreme choices and continuously gaslit me. We should have only shown a good image to our subscribers who have supported us for years. However, I’m deeply sorry for showing such a terrible side.”

Meanwhile, Cherry & Dong started dating in 2015, opened a YouTube channel in 2018 and amassed 1.01 million subscribers as of now.

Source: Wikitree

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