Hani, why did her relationship with Yang Jae Woong get caught? “Because I’m so hot”

EXID Hani (Ahn Hee Yeon) expressed her thoughts on her public relationship with Yang Jae Woong.

On August 21st, a video featuring EXID Hani was uploaded on Tak Jae Hoon’s YouTube channel.

Hani drew attention by saying that only her mother and boyfriend knew that she would be on Tak Jae Hoon’s “Pressure Interview”. When Tak Jae Hoon asked “The person you dated in the past?“, Hani replied, “Not that person. I publicly dated a person in the past, and now I’m publicly dating another person.”


Tak Jae Hoon asked, “Why do you keep making your relationships public? Why did you get caught?” Hani caused laughter as she responded shamelessly, “I must’ve been so hot.

Yewon asked, “Then are you the type that doesn’t usually cover up?” Hani revealed, “I don’t usually cover myself up.

Hani, who often cries, surprised everyone by saying, “I cry when I’m touched. I once cried while eating bread.” She explained, “Because its taste is so touching.”


Tak Jae Hoon made everyone laugh as he asked, “Are you getting psychiatric treatment from your boyfriend?” Hani laughed out loud, saying, “No.”

Hani emphasized, “I like sexy style. I like people with beards and tanned skin.

Meanwhile, Hani is in a public relationship with Yang Jae Woong, a psychiatrist.

Source: Nate

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