Han So Hee’s see-through dress… When she turned around, everyone covered their mouths

Actress Han So Hee surprised everyone with her irreplaceable beauty even in the UK.

On Dec 4th, Han So Hee departed from Incheon International Airport to attend the “British Fashion Awards” event held in London, England.

han so hee

Afterwards, on Dec 6th, the British makeup brand “Charlotte Tilbury” released photos of Han So Hee and famous foreign celebrities on its official Instagram.

In the photos, Han So Hee exuded a lovely charm with her striking beauty. She attracted attention by showing off her particularly fair skin among white celebrities.

han so hee

Han So Hee’s dress also became a hot topic on various online communities. She boasted her mysterious and elegant charm in a green chiffon dress.

In particular, she drew attention by wearing a see-through dress that slightly exposed her skin. Videos of her attending the red carpet event and posing for fans were uploaded on various online communities.

han so hee

In the videos, she surprised everyone by slightly revealing her back line. Unlike the front of the dress, the back of the dress showed her skin at a glance, creating dizziness. She is said to have been wearing an underskirt.

han so hee

Netizens on online communities “FM Korea” and “theqoo” commented, “Wow, Han So Hee is the prettiest among them“, “She looks like Snow White“, “She has a really small face“, “She’s shining at the center” and “She’s so beautiful.”

Source: Wikitree

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