“Yumi’s Cells 2” Kim Go-eun X Park Jin-young, even their subtle sense of distance makes viewers flutter

Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young’s cells met.

On May 19th, TVING’s original series “Yumi’s Cells Season 2” (directed by Lee Sang-yeob, Joo Sang-kyu/written by Song Jae-jeong, Kim Kyung-ran) released a group poster that showed the meeting of Yumi (Kim Go-eun), Bobby (Park Jin-young) and lovely “cells”.

The group poster raises expectations with the sweet chemistry of Yumi and Bobby as well as the cuteness of the cells. The most eye-catching thing is Bobby’s love cell, which is surrounding Yumi and Bobby with a friendly touch. As if it became Yumi and Bobby’s cupid, the presence of the love cell that narrows the distance between the two stimulates curiosity.

Yumi's Cells 2

Attention is also drawn to Yumi’s cells and Bobby’s cells that have finally been unveiled. First of all, Yumi’s love cell is holding onto her skirt, adding to curiosity. Along with that, writer cell, rationality cell, sensibility cell and Yumi’s guards, which predicted a great performance in this season, are also dispatched. In particular, the appearance of the sensibility cell and Yumi’s guards making a cute fuss raises curiosity. The sight of the rationality cell looking at them with worried eyes somehow foretells an interesting episode that will unfold in season 2. Besides, “New Face” smooth hair cell has also launched. Along with Yumi, who returned with her innocent long hair, the performance of smooth hair cell, which will be responsible for her hair, is also expected.

The dizzying encounter between Yumi’s tongue cell and Bobby’s tongue cell also causes laughter. Passing through the two cells performing a trance couple dance, you can meet Bobby’s sensibility cell that is full of excitement. On top of that, the rationality cell that gives strength next to Bobby also gives off a lovely charm.

Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young’s two-shot, which is surrounded by “cells” full of individuality, also catches the eye. The chemistry of the two, whose subtle sense of distance makes viewers flutter as if they still seem a little awkward, stands out. Kim Go-eun will depict Yumi’s new love and challenges in season 2. Yumi, who said goodbye to her short hair, plans to move towards her dream and love with a more mature appearance. Next to her is Bobby, who brought new excitement. Park Jin-young is expected to increase excitement by properly revealing the charm of the perfect man Bobby. The romantic synergy between Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young, which makes even cells react, makes season 2 more awaited.

Yumi's Cells 2

The production team said, “The process of Yumi and Bobby getting closer provides a different excitement from season 1. Please look forward to Yumi’s new cells and Bobby’s cell village. The cells with distinct personalities will portray Yumi’s daily life in a more exciting way.”

The drama will be released on June 10th.

Source: Daum

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