BLACKPINK’s Jennie revealed her LA house, “I don’t know why I have a giant pool, I never swam in there” 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared her daily life in LA.

On February 23rd, Jennie posted an LA vlog onto her personal YouTube channel.

Jennie started the video by introducing her LA house, “Today I decided to vlog my day in LA. I feel like you guys have been wondering what I do out here. It’s gonna be a compact version of my day, but I’ll try my best.” Jennie, then pointed to an outdoor pool, drew special attention by revealing a fun fact, “It’s a nice pool. Actually, I never swam there, so I don’t know why I have a giant pool in the house.”

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Jennie then came inside the house and prepared breakfast. Jennie revealed her favorite breakfasts are cereal with oat milk, and toasted bread. She looked at the package of bread and said, “Every time I ate this toast, I was like why it is so sweet, it is Hawaiian sweet bread.” She added, “My friend got me addicted to this toast.”

After breakfast, she said, “I was going to do an all day Vlog, but it’s harder than it seems. So I haven’t filmed it yet, but today seems to be the day.”

Regarding the dark bruise on her arm, Jennie explained, “I came to LA during Halloween week. I went to haunted houses with my friends. But it was actually a nightmare. Anyway, this bruise came from running around haunted houses and being too scared. I was pushed into the wall and ran for my life. It’s been two weeks and it’s still here. People are worried about it because it keeps getting dark, but it doesn’t hurt”.

The next day, Jennie went out for a walk. She picked a plain white shirt and black biker shorts for a walk, saying, “Even if I go out for a walk wearing this, no one cares.” She then said, “I usually get up in the morning and walk around this neighborhood. I can watch the sunset. It seems that the thing I did the most when I came here was taking a walk.”

When her friend asked what her favorite food in LA was, Jennie said, “Actually, Korean food. The soft tofu is the best. I highly recommend it.” Jennie also shared footage of her and BLACKPINK’s member Rosé when the two visited Disneyland and had a great time.

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