BLACKPINK Jennie enjoyed her bakery tour in Yeonhui-dong, bowed 90 degrees to greet a fan and shared bread with people at YG Family

BLACKPINK Jennie drew attention for her friendly and warm appearance.

On December 15th, Jennie uploaded a video titled “Bakery tour vlog” on her personal Youtube channel. In this video, Jennie said she visited Yeonhui-dong for a shooting and decided to go on a bakery tour as she had not been able to walk around the street like this for a long time. Looking around several bakeries, Jennie couldn’t hold her happiness when seeing various types of bread on display. While thinking about what kind of bread to eat, she excitingly chose many different types.

While paying for the bread, the cashier told Jennie, “I’m your huge fan”. Immediately, Jennie bowed her head at 90 degrees and thanked the fan. Receiving the package of bread, Jennie kept bowing her head several times before leaving the store. After buying a lot of bread, Jennie confessed, “It was one of my wishes. To walk around Yeonhui-dong to look around bakeries and eat yummy bread.”

BLACKPINK Jennie vlog

Although she had already bought a lot of bread after visiting 2 bakeries, Jennie’s tour didn’t end there. Then, she belatedly wondered, “I can’t eat all this, what should I do?”. Jennie tried to ask YG dancers to eat the bread with her, but everyone was away due to the “Street Woman Fighter” filming and different schedules. In the end, Jennie decided to eat alone.

BLACKPINK Jennie vlog

Jennie certified herself as a true breadaholic by explaining the taste of different types of bread in detail. After finishing her meal, Jennie shared the remaining bread with other company staff, dancers, and BLACKPINK members and also left some small notes for them, showing her friendly and warm side.

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