Netizens react to the late Choi Jin-sil’s daughter: “The older she gets, the more she resembles her mother”

Jun-hee, the late Choi Jin-sil’s daughter, showed off her beauty.

On Dec 15th, Choi Jun-hee posted a picture through her Instagram story. In the photo, Junhee wore a gray cardigan with short hair and bangs down. Her smiling face drew attention as she resembled her mother Choi Jin-sil in her heyday. In addition, Jun-hee is sharing her recent status by releasing several selfies on her Instagram.

Choi Jin-sil's daughter

Seeing Jun-hee getting prettier and prettier as she grew up, netizens responded, “The older she gets, the more she resembles her mother”, “It’s nice to see her doing well”… In response to the sudden burst of interest, Jun-hee uploaded a long message on Dec 16th, saying, “When I woke up in the morning, I saw that many people paid attention to me. Then I found out there was an article about me.” She continued, “I had a hard time and there were a lot of bad moments, but I want to gather these moments to create a meaningful page in my life rather than simply leaving them in the past.”


Meanwhile, on the 13th anniversary of Choi Jin-sil’s death last October, Choi Jun-hee commemorated her mother by confessing, “I became a high school senior at the age of 19.  Please let me be born as your daughter in the next life. I will love you as much as I missed you.” Actress Choi Jin-sil debuted in 1988 and married the late Jo Seong-min in 2000. After divorcing Jo Seong-min, she raised two children alone. Choi Jin-sil passed away in 2008.

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