Han So-hee Spotted Walking Around On The Street Freely And Talking To Strangers

A recent witness of actress Han So-hee is drawing keen attention from netizens

Recently, a video of Han So-hee spread in various online communities

The released video shows Han So-hee walking down the street in a black long dress. The actress went around in public without wearing a hat or a mask to cover her face and avoid the gaze of people. 

At that time, several young women approached Han So-hee and asked for a photo together. The actress immediately agreed to the photo request and followed the group of women.

han so hee

Seeing the video, netizens showed various reactions, such as “Han So-hee walked around confidently thinking people would not recognize her because she had piercings. She was very surprised to receive a photo request”, “Her face is so small that anyone would recognize that she’s a celebrity from afar”, “From this video, I can tell that she looks very beautiful in real life”, “I think she would have been more successful if she were a model instead of an actress”, “She’s such an easygoing actress who can freely walk on the street like that”, etc.

Earlier, Han So-hee turned on an Instagram live broadcast and made headlines when she showed off piercings on her face and lips. 

During the livestream, the actress shared, “My lips are swollen because of the piercings so I cannot talk a lot. My skin is originally very thin so piercings on my cheeks hurt more than lip piercings. I just did what I wanted to do. Piercing was fun. I got piercings because I had never done that before. I can take them off when it comes to my work”.

She continued, “I’m thinking about not taking the piercings off if they help my work. I heard having piercings for a long time would leave scars, which will have to be erased in another physical way. I’m not worried about scars yet”.

Source: Wikitree

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