A fangirl told (G)I-DLE Miyeon the story of her senior at school, but Miyeon didn’t know that senior was her

Miyeon from (G)I-DLE recently has the chance to meet her fans through an online video call fansign.

Recently, Miyeon from (G)I-DLE has the chance to meet her fans through an online video call fansign. During this event, a lucky fangirl told Miyeon the story about a senior at her junior high school who is extremely pretty and sings very but took quite a long time to finally debut as an idol.


Miyeon attentively listened to the fan’s story. That fangirl said, “When I was in junior high school, I know one of my seniors was practicing as an idol trainee. She always sang whenever there was an outdoor stage at our school’s festivals. I was always on the front seat to listen to her performances. Her singing voice was so wonderful that I thought to myself I would become her fan if she later debut as an idol.”


She sang 2NE1’s “Lonely”. She sang very well and was very beautiful. But after a while, I still haven’t seen her debut. I was an adult at that time, and I often wondered when she would debut. But last year, I heard from my classmates that she finally debuted. So I want to say, I really congratulate you.”

At this point, Miyeon realized that the fan was talking about herself. The female idol was extremely touched when she heard that that person had been her fan for 11 years and was always waiting for her debut.

Miyeon GI DLE 060222

Although the video call time was over and was interrupted by the staff, Miyeon still tried to linger to thank her junior, “Sure we met, but now I have to go. I love you. Let’s be together for a long time!”.

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