A few years after rising to fame, Song Hye Kyo once became a victim of blackmail by her ex-manager 

Even her family was in danger due to the threat from the blackmailer. 

Shooting to stardom in the early 2000s thanks to her first lead role in the classic drama “Autumn in My Heart” alongside Won Bin and Song Seung Hun, Song Hye Kyo has had a successful career ever since. However, being a top actress isn’t easy as fame often comes with troubles. Song Hye Kyo is no exception. 

In 2005, Song Hye Kyo was blackmailed by her former manager, who threatened to pour acid on her body in order to destroy her life and career for good. At the time, Song Hye Kyo had just broken up with Lee Byung Hun. This was also long before she met her ex-husband, Song Joong Ki.

A famous Korean TV show shared the story of Song Hye Kyo being blackmailed years after the incident took place.  Accordingly, the blackmailer sent a letter to Song Hye Kyo’s mother, saying that he had prepared a large container of acid and hallucinogens to attack Song Hye Kyo. He demanded that Hye Kyo’s family give him 250 million won.

After reading the letter, Song Hye Kyo’s mother was terrified. She then quickly alerted her daughter and asked for the intervention of the police. Upon learning that the blackmailer was her former manager who worked with her for years, Song Hye Kyo and her mother were in shock, but still decided not to sue.

Knowing what she went through, many netizens expressed how they felt sorry for the actress. Cases of celebrities being betrayed by their managers, whom most consider as family members, are not rare in the industry, so stars are often advised to be careful in relationships, and not trust people too much.

After her safety was secured, Song Hye Kyo continued acting and starred in hit dramas such as “That Winter, The Wind Blow”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “Encounter”,… This year, she will reunite with screenwriter Kim Eun Sook in the upcoming drama “The Glory”, co-starring Lee Do Hyun.

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