This 27-year-old actress has 9 bank accounts, amazing financial techniques 

“God” Se-jung, who was recognized for her appearance, skills, and personality through “Produce 101”, is now expanding by proving herself as a skillful actress. 

Kim Se-jung was cast and gained popularity as an actor in the drama “The Uncanny Counter”. She is recently reborn as a smart money saver with nine bank accounts at the age of 27. She became a hot topic by appearing on an entertainment show and introducing a method that she has been doing in the past three months of living alone, which was not something someone at the age of 25 would do.

Kim Se-jeong

She is doing a so-called “split bank account” where she splits the money she receives and puts it in different bank accounts. This is a method of financial technology that can analyze one’s consumption patterns and practices saving, which is already a classic between money-raising masters.

Kim Se-jeong

If you split your bank account into living expenses, savings, traveling expenses, dating expenses, parents’ allowances, emergency funds, etc., you can prevent overspending. This is recommended to newcomers of society. Although the trend is moving to stocks, funds, and coins, Kim Se-jung’s method of diversifying investment in financial technology is still in the spotlight.

Kim Se-jeong

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jung plays the role of an employee with many stories that became entangled with her company representative after unexpectedly confronting him at a blind date in the drama “A Business Proposal.”

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