Lee Hyori, who rescued an abandoned dog from a trash can, “Canada Check-in is the most special filming in my life”

tvN’s show “Canada Check-in”, which revolves around Lee Hyori, releases a highlight video and adds to expectations about the first broadcast. 

In the highlight video of “Canada Check-in”, which was released on December 2nd, Lee Hyori’s appearance in all corners of Canada draws attention. Her trip across Canada, which includes all sorts of activities, from surfing in Tofino to enjoying wine in Kelowna, unfolds like a scene in a movie.

lee hyori canada check in

Lee Hyori, who took a month-long vacation after a long time, carries out her bucket list where she interacts and reunites with dogs she rescued. The behind-the-scenes of the female star directly booking a flight to Canada and suggesting to the production team, “How about recording this trip as a video”, also gains attention.

Lee Hyori, who has been volunteering to help abandoned dogs for years, has been working to connect numerous abandoned dogs with families in Canada through adoption. Among them, stories with special relationships are revealed, such as Leo, who was rescued from a trash can, and Ringo, who was found on a beach in Gimnyeong.

lee hyori

In the video, Lee Hyori can be seen expressing her excitement at the precious meeting that will take place after a long time, and saying, “I wonder if they can recognize me, if they remember me”. It is rumored that after the reunion, the female artist had a day filled with love, and couldn’t hide her happy feeling, claiming that “the time I spent was not in vain”. 

On the other hand, tvN’s “Canada Check-in” (directed by Kim Tae Ho and Kang Ryeong Mi, written by Choi Hye Jeong , and produced by TEO), revolves around Lee Hyori, who has been volunteering for abandoned dogs for over 10 years. In the show, she travels to Canada to meet dogs that have been sent for adoption overseas with new families. The pilot episode will be aired on December 17th, followed by new episodes every Saturday at 10:40 PM (KST). 

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