Han Seo-hee’s Past Remarks About Entertainment Establishment Re-examined Amid Lee Sun-kyun’s Drug Scandal

Netizens look back on Han Seo-hee’s remarks during a past trial due to her alleged involvement in Lee Sun-kyun’s drug case

On October 23rd, Dispatch reported that A, an employee at an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam, took drugs with VIP guests, including Lee Sun-kyun, at her residence.

The police raided A’s residence and conducted cell phone forensics to investigate her drug allegations and found Lee Sun-kyun’s name. It is said that the police already secured evidence and changed Lee Sun-kyun’s status to a suspect.

Lee Sun-kyun

As soon as Lee Sun-kyun’s relationship with an entertainment establishment employee was reported, netizens immediately brought up the past remarks of Han Seo-hee, who is also under the same drug investigation as Lee Sun-kyun.

During the first appellate trial on former YG executive producer Yang Hyun-suk’s threatening charges in April, Yang Hyun-suk said he met Han Seo-hee at an entertainment establishment in August 2016. 

han seo hee

At the trial, Han Seo-hee also admitted that she used to work at an entertainment establishment, saying “I got to know Yang Hyun-suk through the introduction of Jung Madam of an entertainment establishment. I only needed to sit there for 3 hours and received 2 million won. That’s how I was lured into doing it.”

As a result, many people have raised suspicions that Lee Sun-kyu might have been involved uiwth Han Seo-hee when coming to entertainment establishments. In this regard, the actor’s agency responded on the same day, saying “He has nothing to do with the third-generation chaebol and the aspiring celebrity.”

Source: Wikitree

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