Han Ga-in: “Marry my current husband in the next life? NO”

“If you were to be born again, would you marry your current husband?” Han Ga-in’s answer is “NO”.

Han Ga-in has recently broken away from mysticism. She has transformed from an elegant goddess image to an easy-going and broad-minded image through an entertainment program where she appears as a fixed cast member for the first time since her debut. In particular, the episode with her husband Yeon Jung-hoon attracts public attention as it is not well known.

SBS’s “Circle House“, which will air on March 31st, is receiving hot responses only with the preview. According to the video, Dr. Oh Eun-young asks, “Isn’t your husband Yeon Jung-hoon cute?” Upon hearing this, Han Ga-in asks back with a serious face, “Is he cute?” In addition, her remarks such as “Marriage is crazy” and “I won’t get married even if I’m born again” draw attention.

After marrying Han Ga-in, Yeon Jung-hoon earned the title of “National Thief”. Han Ga-in was only 23 years old when the two married. Is it because she got married at an early age or because she is displeased with Yeon Jung-hoon? The curiosity about Han Ga-in‘s mysterious mind is growing.

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