Yoona and Wonyoung show off their amazing visuals at Paris Fashion Week

Yoona and Wonyoung both took the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week

Yoona and Wonyoung take on the role of Miu Miu’s brand ambassadors.  Therefore, both cannot be absent from the important events of this fashion house.  The appearance of Yoona and Wonyong at Miu Miu’s show recently quickly attracted attention.

Miu Miu held a show as part of Paris Fashion Week on April 10, 2022 (KST). Many celebrities attended the event. Yoona and Wonyoung are two Korean representatives who are attending the show at the invitation of Miu Miu.

Yoona stole the show with a striking colorful multi-layered outfit at Miu Miu’s fashion event. The elegant yet cool design emphasized the SNSD member’s long legs. However, some people pointed out that the outfit obstructed Yoona’s slim figure.

Yoona rarely disappoints her fans with her visuals. The female idol’s fabulous beauty and splendid aura, making it difficult for fans to take their gaze away.

Wonyoung also caught everyone’s attention at the event. She made a wise choice by wearing  a beautiful outfit, which highlights her white complexion, thin physique, and long, endowed legs.

The 2004 beauty stood out from the crowd owing to her bizarre body proportions. Wonyoung is getting more and more gorgeous, and her vibe fits Miu Miu well.

Both Yoona and Wonyoung have excellent small faces, white skin, and ideal thin bodies. Yoona and Wonyoung, in particular, both radiate a feminine, lovely, colorful, yet equally rebellious beauty—qualities that Miu Miu has long aspired to.

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