GOT7’s comeback: “We really want to prove that we haven’t disbanded”

“We made a promise with our fans, so we want to keep it.”

“We made a promise with our fans, so we want to keep it. We want to prove that GOT7 is not disbanded. That’s why we released this album and kept our promise with our fans. I’m taking a break from my solo activities and focusing on the team activities,” BamBam said. (BamBam)


In January last year, GOT7 ended their contract with agency JYP Entertainment seven years after their debut, ended, and after a year and a half, they reunited with a new album titled “GOT7.” There is a reason why the team name was used as the album name. The album this time contains a message of “For those who waited, for everyone who is still with us, not to forget who you are and what you are.”


On the afternoon of May 23rd, a press conference was held at the Voco Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul to announce the release of GOT7’s new mini-album “GOT7.” Mark, JayB, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom appeared at the press conference hosted by MC Haru.

Leader JayB said, “All seven of us have clearly stated that we would make a comeback right from the beginning, but this is still a very dreamlike and touching moment for me.”

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Jinyoung said, “Our fans have been waiting for us. I think it’s a relief that it’s time for us to repay them. I think we’re here together while keeping our promise,” Youngjae added. “The seven of us are all active during the preparation process, that’s how we can return this quickly.”

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The new album marks GOT7’s new start. BamBam said, “This is a new step and a new start for GOT7. We will continue to have comebacks in the future.”

When asked about his determination to name the album after their team name, JayB said, “We came out of JYP together, and afterward, we felt that we had to stick together on our own will. I just thought we needed a pivot,” he said.

got7 jackson - bambam - yugyeom

The album is filled with GOT7 colors. Jin-young said, “We were confident because we chose the title that we thought would be the most GOT7 one. I feel like it perfectly shows the color of GOT7.”


Currently, JB belongs to High Music, Jinyoung belongs to BH Entertainment, Jackson and Youngjae belong to Sublime, BamBam belongs to Abyss Company, and Yugyeom belongs to AOMG. When asked about how did all seven members from different agencies prepare the album? Jin-young replied, “We met through video calls in the beginning, and there were times when we couldn’t get together because of ‘social distancing,’ so the members in Korea called each other to discuss.”


The members are determined that their starting point is GOT7, they are still GOT7, and they will continue to work as GOT7. Yugyeom said, “People change, grow, and move on, and I’m interested and greedy enough in my personal activities, but I thought a lot about not forgetting where I started. Because we have the name GOT7, the fact that we can release an album under that name is like a refreshing time for us to not lose our initial commitment.”

GOT7’s new mini-album “GOT7” was released on various music sites at 6 p.m. today (May 23rd).

Source: daum

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