Even after leaving JYP, they’re still together; Fans are touched by GOT7’s comeback

GOT7 (JAY B, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom) kept their promise with fans.

GOT7 will release their new mini-album “GOT7” on May 23rd. This album is their first release in a year and three months since GOT7’s single “Encore” was released on February 20th last year. This is also their first album in a year and a half since their fourth full-length album “Breath of Love: Last Piece” released on November 30th, 2020.

According to the pre-released tracklist, the new album this time includes “NANANA”, “Truth”, “Drive Me To The Moon”, “TWO”, “Don’t Care About Me” and “Don’t Leave Me Alone” “Don’t Leave Me Alone”. GOT7 members, who have consistently put their own songs on the album since their debut, also showed their constantly growing musical capabilities by filling the new album this time with self-written and self-composed song. The title song “NANANA,” written and composed by leader JAY B, is a song that contains GOT7’s unique bright charm and is expected to be an impressive track with pop sound and guitar loops, no less than their previous title songs “Girls Girls Girls” (Girls Girls Girls), “A”, “Don’t Do It”, “Just Right”, “If You Do”, “Fly”, “Hard Carry”, “Never Ever”, “You Are”, “Look”, “Lullaby”, and so on.


Ahead of the release of their new album, GOT7 said, “This album contains our sincere message for the people who have waited for us and for everyone who is with us so that they don’t forget who we are and what we are. This is an album that announces GOT7’s new steps and an album that can make you feel GOT7’s musical growth.”

This comeback has special meaning not only for GOT7 members but also for IGOT7 (GOT7 official fan club name) as this is GOT7’s first group album since they ended their exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment in January last year.


Most idol groups sign exclusive contracts with their agencies for seven years under the standard contract provided by the Fair Trade Commission. If the team is disbanded or some members leave the team at the time of re-signing, the media calls it “the seven-year jinx” as it’s something hard to overcome. In the meantime, many crowded idol groups have disbanded upon the expiration of their contracts.

GOT7’s move was different. They did not bother their fans by torturing them with meaningless hope without any promise. Immediately after the expiration of their contracts, the members declared “GOT7 FOREVER” on their SNS, saying, “We all want to continue to make music, share music together, and share the time to come with IGOT7. As a reality, not just hope, we will show you a good side of us growing differently for a long time.” Over the next year and four months, the members went on to build their own careers by signing with different agencies, releasing their solo debut albums or appearing in dramas and movies, but they don’t give up their will to make a comeback as a whole group and lived up to the fans’ expectations.

Although they were scattered, GOT7 is writing their meaningful second act separately and together. Attention is focusing on what kind of unique growth and memories will be waiting for them in Act 2. GOT7 plans to hold “GOT7 HOMECOMING 2022 FanCon” online and offline on May 21st and 22nd to release the stage for their new song for the first time. The stage in front of fans this time adds to the already high expectations as it is their first offline performance in a year and five months.

Source: Daum

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