Jeon Somi and other Korean celebrities in stunning fashion at Prada’s new event 

Jeon Somi, Lee Jong Suk, and other K-celebs geared up in stunning clothes for Prada’s pop-up store event in Seoul. 

On May 13th, Prada officially opened its new pop-up in The Hyundai Department Store, Seoul, Korea, and invited a lot of top stars to attend the opening event. As a result, the event became a whole feast of visuals and fashion with super familiar faces. 

Prada’s pop-up store event was held on May 13th. 

The first celebrity in the spotlight is none other than A-list actor Lee Jong Suk, who is currently the Ambassador of Prada. Since January 2021, the star of “When She Was Sleeping”, “Doctor Stranger”, and “I Can Hear Your Voice” has made constant appearances in fashion magazines wearing clothes from this Italian luxury brand. At the event, Lee Jong Suk boasted his glowing fair skin and super long legs in leather items that scream Prada’s spirit. At the age of 32, the actor never disappoint in terms of visuals. 

Prada ambassador Lee Jong Suk at the event. 
The actor is still a visual king in his 30s. 

The idol-actress Kim Min Joo also drew attention with her appearance. With visuals like a comic character, she has never failed to deliver top-notch beauty, and managed to look stunning in every frame. Previously a member of famous Kpop girl group IZ*ONE, Min Joo has decided to pursue acting, and is always widely discussed for looking drop-dead gorgeous. 

Kim Min Joo shined the moment she appeared at Prada’s event. 
Previously a member of IZ*ONE, she no longer promotes as an idol. 

While Min Joo looked like a classy young lady, Jeon Somi exuded a lively and energetic vibe with her Prada picks. The female singer was once a member of girl group I.O.I and almost debuted with ITZY, but has joined YG’s sub-agency The Black Label to promote as a solo artist. 

Jeon Somi is a regular face at Prada events. 
At the age of 21, Somi looked chic and super youthful. 

Other celebrities at the event include Kpop idols like The Boyz’s Juyeon and Young Hoon, DKZ’s Jaechan, as well as famous models like Bae Yoon Young, Kim Na Young, and Irene Kim. 

Young Hoon – the visual of The Boyz looked outstanding. 
The two The Boyz members were dressed in matching street fashion with shorts and short-sleeved flannels. 
DKZ’s Jaechan, who got popular after the hit boy love K-drama “Semantic Error”, also appeared at the event. 
The famous Korean model Irene Kim…
…really stood out with her green bodysuit. 
Model Bae Yoon Young showed up in a cool all-black outfit.  

Despite its stunning lineup, Prada’s event still attracted suspicions for not having its two ambassadors Red Velvet’s Irene and EXO’s Chanyeol. Netizens believed this may have to do with Irene’s power trip scandal and Chanyeol’s cheating controversy. 

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