Netizens wish Song Hye Kyo has worn this outfit at Fendi fashion show, “ethereal + fairy-like presence”

Song Hye Kyo’s fairy-like outfit on W Korea draws huge attention from the public, who wish they could see her rock it at fashion events 

Last week, famous actress Song Hye Kyo took the internet by storm with her gorgeous visuals at the 2022 Fendi Haute Couture Show. Here, the actress not only drew the attention of Korean netizens, but also from French people, who couldn’t seem to take their eyes off her at the event. 

Recently, fashion magazine W Korea published several clips of Song Hye Kyo at this luxury show, where she truly lives up to her title of one of Korea’s top “visual goddesses”. 

Song Hye Kyo drew ample attention from Korean netizens, the media, and French spectators alike
song hye kyo
Many fans lined up in front of Fendi’s fashion show venue to greet Song Hye Kyo. The actress then stole the spotlight the moment she appeared.
song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo also took photos with Kim Jones – the Creative Director of Fendi. Seeing her fans and reporters, Song Hye Kyo smiled and waved back at them

W Korea’s footage also showed Song Hye Kyo in another just as outstanding attire. In particular, the actress was dressed in a soft see-through blouse and skirt, showing an ethereal and fairy-like presence. The deep V-neck of the blouse and her body-hugging skirt also perfectly highlight Song Hye Kyo’s physique, creating a beautiful look straight from a romantic movie. 

song hye kyo
The outfit perfectly highlighted Song Hye Kyo’s spectacular body
song hye kyo
Her short bob hair also added a chic and regal vibe

Meanwhile, at the Fendi show, Song Hye Kyo looked much stronger in her striped blazer and matching shorts. Despite her light makeup, the visual goddess’s beauty is  simply unparalleled. 

Two outfits of Song Hye Kyo exuded completely contrasting auras, and netizens can’t help but wonder, what if Song Hye Kyo chose to be feminie at the Fendi show instead? 

Other than the 2022 Fendi Haute Couture Show, Song Hye Kyo also attended a Chaumet event on July 3rd, where she provided a total visual shock with a seductive “black swan” look. Here, the actress donned a black camisole crop top and fluffy long skirt, flaunting her straight shoulders, apparent collarbone, and a super small waist. 

The actress’s casual fashion in Europe also received a lot of praise. In particular, during her trip to France, Song Hye Kyo often opted for youthful and cool fashion items like jeans, beanies, sunglasses, camisoles, and even a leather jacket. 

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