An old interview of Kim Soo Hyun resurfaces: Confessed to have dated 9 times, clarified relationships with Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy 

Even so, Kim Soo Hyun has never confirmed to be in a relationship since he debuted. 

Kim Soo Hyun is currently the highest-paid actor in Korea, bagging 500 million won per drama episode. Although he has become an on-screen couple with many beautiful female co-stars throughout the years, he has not once publicly dated anyone. Kim Soo Hyun’s dating life remains a mystery. All are unconfirmed rumors that make netizens extremely curious.

Recently, an old interview from 2012, in which Kim Soo Hyun revealed his dating life by answering “Yes” or “No”, resurfaced and drew attention. He chose “No” for the question “Have you dated more than 10 times?”. But his next answer then was the most surprising part. He said, “Maybe 9 times?”. Of course, he could be joking. Netizens showed reactions with comments such as, “With a face like that, it’s not surprising that he had 9 exes”, “Of course Kim Soo Hyun is capable of dating that many”,…

Kim Soo Hyun
Netizens think that for someone like Kim Soo Hyun, it’s normal to have dated 9 times 

Another video from Kim Soo Hyun’s fan meeting in 2014 also suddenly gained attention again. At the time, after rising to fame thanks to his role in “Dream High”, where he acted alongside Suzy, he became a top actor thanks to “My Love from the Star”, co-starring with Jeon Ji Hyun. Thanks to his amazing chemistry with both Suzy and Jeon Ji Hyun, he was once wrapped up in dating rumors. In response, he clarified his relationship with Suzy and Jeon Ji Hyun through a smart answer, “I feel comfortable considering Jeon Ji Hyun as an older sister, and Suzy as a younger sister.”

Kim Soo Hyun Jun Ji Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun sees Jeon Ji Hyun as an older sister…
Kim Soo Hyun Suzy
… and Suzy as a younger sister

Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun are a fan favorite couple from “Dream High” released in 2011. Thanks to “Dream High”, Kim Soo Hyun became a trending actor. Meanwhile, he first became Jeon Ji Hyun’s co-star in “The Thieves” in 2012. Two years later, they took Asia by storm with the hit “My Love from the Star”.

Kim Soo Hyun Jun Ji Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun – Jeon Ji Hyun once co-starred in “The Thieves” in 2012
My Love From The Star
They reunited in “My Love from the Star” in 2014 

Source: K14

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