Will Shin Ji-min get her second heyday coming back after the bully controversy?

About two years have passed since AOA’s bullying controversy, and now Shin Ji-min is back.

Kwon Min-ah has created various issues and has caused fatigue to many people. This is also the reason why sympathy for Shin Ji-min has been gathered little by little. However, Shin Ji-min was embroiled in various suspicions due to Kwon Min-ah’s claim. The situation remains a task to be solved by Shin Ji-min.

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The agency ALO MALO Entertainment announced on July 14th that it recently signed an exclusive contract with Shin Ji-min. The agency told 10Asia, “There was no background in the signing of the exclusive contract. It’s that Shin Ji-min was determined to return to the entertainment industry.”

Shin left AOA in 2020. It all started with the revelation of former member Kwon Min-ah. Kwon Min-ah confessed that she had tried to commit suic*** because of depression due to the bullying of leader Shin Ji-min. Shin Ji-min responded that the accusations were “groundless,” but later admitted all claims.

aoa jimin

Shin said on social media, “I’m sorry. It’s all because I wasn’t good enough to lead the team. I feel remorse and guilt.” The agency FNC Entertainment also said, “We apologize for causing concern to many people due to what’s happening with our singer Ji-min. After this, Jimin decided to quit AOA and stop all entertainment activities,” announcing Shin’s retirement from the entertainment industry.

Kwon Min-ah continued her shocking remarks, saying, “(Shin Ji-min) brought a man to the dorm and had s** there.” The private life of the female idol was revealed, shocking everyone.

Kwon Mina

Shin didn’t make any statement even when she was criticized. She sometimes showed off her comfortable life on social media. However, the idol who lived a normal life has now returned. Shin Ji-min apologized and reflected on her “bullying controversy.” 

Unlike ordinary Shin Ji-min, the public’s evaluation of celebrity Shin Ji-min is different. Image is a very important aspect of an entertainer. As she chose to return to the entertainment industry, various suspicions arose.


Shin Ji-min is surrounded by negative images. The key to breaking away will be her ‘musical achievement’. When creating value as an artist, she can draw people’s empathy and understanding. This is why we wonder what talent and musical ability Shin Ji-min will show in the future.

Source: Daum

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