Did “Agency” and “Crash Course in Romance” copy each other? 2 décalcomanie settings

“Jeon Do Yeon’s mom who died in a car accident is Lee Bo Young’s mom in ‘Agency’, right? Then is this also a reincarnation?”

▲ Kim Mi Kyung’s overlapping appearances… “Viewers see her over and over again”

There is one actress who appears in 2 dramas at the same time. She is also a mother with many stories who holds the key to the heroines’ plots. She is Kim Mi Kyung, a veteran actress who plays Jeon Do Yeon‘s late mother in “Crash Course in Romance“. Jeon Do Yeon’s mother used to give Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) meal vouchers to help him out. She formed a bond with Choi Chi Yeol by encouraging him to come in regularly and eat.

Crash Course in Romance

However, “Jeon Do Yeon’s mother” Kim Mi Kyung changes her face to “Lee Bo Young‘s mother” and appears in JTBC’s “Agency” in less than a minute. The mother-daughter relationship was cut off due to the misdeed of leaving her 7-year-old daughter Ah In to relatives and not taking care of Ah In after suffering from her husband’s violence. Her character is a lonely old woman who lives by doing chores at a restaurant.

When her daughter broke through the glass ceiling and became a director of a leading advertising agency, she felt both relief and regret. She, who can only miss her daughter from afar, will be employed as a cleaner in VC Planning and soon face director Go In Ah. A staff from “Agency” production team explained, “Our drama is already pre-produced, and we didn’t expect that actress Kim Mi Kyung would appear in ‘Crash Course in Romance’ with a similar mother role”.

Crash Course in Romance

▲ Zolpidem pharmaceutical company PPL?

The fact that the two dramas’ main characters are addicted to medicines or have extreme medicine dependence is also a common thing. Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Bo Young’s characters were both seen complaining of panic and sleep disorders, anxiety, and chest pain. There are also scenes where they swallow psychotropic medicine contained in white pill bottles. Although Lee Bo Young’s character is tired of her life, she, in particular, takes zolpidem-based sleep inducers, drinks soju on an empty stomach even though she knows the seriousness of drinking cocktails, and even suffers from sleepwalking as well as drug aftereffects.

Lee Bo Young Agency

Although this detail is to depict the fierce competition that the two characters are facing and their fear of falling down from their high positions at any moment, some viewers feel sorry and uncomfortable to see the male and female leads holding onto their life by using medicines throughout each episode. However, Choi Chi Yeol will soon find out that Nam Haeng Seon is not a married woman then go straight with his love and cure his mental illness. Meanwhile, director Go Ah In is also expected to soothe the guilty feeling in her heart that has been torturing her all this time in the process of solving the misunderstandings with her mom.

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