Baek Ho (Nu’est) officially proved innocent after being accused of sexual harassment for nearly a year

Today (April 16th, 2018), Baek Ho (Nu’est) was officially acquitted of sexual harassment charges by the prosecution.

NUEST, Baekho,sexual harassment
Baek Ho (real name is Kang Dong Ho) is the main vocal of Nu’est – a talented boy group that has gone through many ups & down in their career
NUEST, Baekho,sexual harassment

Last June, a girl introduced herself as an acquaintance of Baek Ho and showed some evidences to accuse him of sexually harassing her on a bus 9 years before.
At that time, Baek Ho had just finished Produce 101 season 2, and he as well as Nu’est were very popular. This news made a majority of Kpop fans extremely indignant and disappointed. Apart from receiving the support from his fans, Baek Ho was also harshly criticized by netizens. As a result, this incident seriously affected his career as well as his group’s activities.

In response to this innocent, Pledis Entertainment commented: “We are taking legal action against false rumors and malicious slander, comments, posts, and the dissemination of the aforementioned things. In addition to this, we will take strong action against all other unlawful acts.
And today, after waiting patiently for a year, Baek Ho was officially declared innocent and all of his charges which had negatively affected his career were dismissed. Finally, Baek Ho’s fans can now breathe a sigh of relief and continue to support him on his career path in the future.

NUEST, Baekho,sexual harassment
He was finally proved innocent

We all know that K-biz is always covered perfectly by an invisible curtain, but there are still hidden truths under that curtain that everyone need to know. However, unfounded accusations like this which negatively affect idols’ dignity and pride should be considered and judged more fairly.

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