Park Shin-hye boasts her lovely beauty in the recent update… “How can a pregnant woman be this pretty?”

Actress Park Shin-hye showed off her relaxed daily life moment.

On the evening of May 3rd, Park Shin-hye posted a photo taken with her cat on her SNS along with the caption, “If Haeri is not in the room, Khan is is the king”. (Haeri and Khan are Park Shin-hye’s cats)

In the released photo, Park Shin-hye is lying next to her cat and taking a picture. Park Shin-hye caught the eyes of fans as she shone with her flawless beauty even when she was not wearing makeup. In particular, Park Shin-hye, who is waiting for the birth of her child, revealed her happy married life together with her lovely visual.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin-hye married actor Choi Tae-joon in January. Delivering good news of their wedding after four years of dating, the two also announced Park Shin-hye’s pregnancy. The actress is currently preparing to give birth.

Park Shin-hye-Choi Tae-joon

Choi Tae-joon recently appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “Sixth Sense Season 3” and confessed, “I became a national traitor after marrying Park Shin-hye”.


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