GOT7 Jackson was grabbed and pulled outside of his car by a fan?

Jackson, a member of boy group GOT7, was startled when a fan tried to make physical contact with him.

On July 22nd, GOT7 Jackson experienced an impolite incident in Bangkok, Thailand, which involved an overenthusiastic fan.

In particular, while Jackson was attending an event, fans were waiting for him outside the building. After the event ended, when Jackson was trying to get into his car, a woman wearing a mask suddenly appeared, grabbed his back and shirt, and quickly pulled the male idol out of the car.

GOT7 Jackson

A video of the incident was captured by a fan, and such footage has quickly spread online. In the video, Jackson was so surprised that he initially didn’t react when one of the staff members pulled the woman away. Only after regaining his composure did Jackson ask who the woman was.

After the incident was settled, Jackson reassured fans by waving at them before leaving the scene. Additionally, he posted a video on his social media where he appeared to be smiling.

Later on, as some raised concerns about the inadequate security measures, Jackson’s fans in Thailand posted apologies online. They emphasized the importance of respecting Jackson’s privacy and personal space, ensuring that his safety is the top priority.

However, this is not the first time Jackson had an unpleasant encounter with a fan. In May, during the Brazil stop of his Magic Man World Tour, Jackson invited a female fan on stage during his performance of the song “I Love You 3000 II”. However, the overly enthusiastic fan began to touch Jackson inappropriately, causing a controversy. 

On the other hand, Jackson’s solo album “Magic Man”, which was released last year, reached 15th place on the U.S. charts. He also became the first Chinese solo artist to perform at the main stage of Coachella, one of the world’s largest music festivals.

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