“The Glory” Cha Joo Young, who recently made hot topics with her superior beauty, surprised viewers with her different appearance during debut days 

Cha Joo Young recently caught the eyes of viewers with her superior visual and body figure in the new drama “The Glory”. She took on the role of Choi Hye Jung, one of the perpetrators who bullied the main character Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo). 

Cha Joo-young

Cha Joo Young became a scene stealer as she impressed viewers with her glamorous beauty in the scene where she wore a white deep V dress.

Contrary to her splendid appearance in “The Glory”, Cha Joo Young’s simple and friendly image during her debut days once again drew attention from netizens.

Cha Joo Young made her debut in tvN’s drama “Cheese in the Trap”, which aired in 2016. She portrayed Nam Joo Yeon, a “college queen” who is obsessed with the male lead Yoo Jung and always tries to ask him out. Seeing her image at that time with long hair and simple outfits, many viewers couldn’t recognize the actress because it is completely different from the fancy look of “The Glory” Choi Hye Jung.

As Cha Joo Young’s scenes in “Cheese in the Trap” spread in online communities, netizens reacted, “She looks totally different with long hair”, “It was a completely different person”, “I had no idea it was her”, “That’s Cha Joo Young?”, “Wow”, “OMG. I did think her face looked familiar”, “She changed her style. That’s why I couldn’t recognize her”, “She changed her image”, etc.

the glory

In the recently released drama “The Glory”, Cha Joo Young appears as Choi Hye Jung, daughter of a laundry shop’s owner and a student who bullied Moon Dong Eun together with Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) and Lee Sa Ra (Kim Hieora). After years, Choi Hye Jung became a flight attendant and got engaged to a wealthy man. However, she always struggles to keep up with her friends Yeon Jin and Sa Ra, who ranks higher in their group.

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