“Are you sad that you aren’t exempted from military service?” BTS RM: “Time for us to grow up”

According to the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism’s Hwaeomsa Temple on Jan 4th, RM visited Hwaeomsa Temple in Gurye, Jeollanam-do, on December 29th last year for a two-day visit with music producer San Yawn. RM personally visited Hwaeomsa Temple this time to relax and get inspiration for music.


RM said, “I wanted to go earlier, but I came too late,” while chatting with abbot Deok Mun, whom he has known for a long time. When abbot Deok Mun asked, “Are you sad that you aren’t exempted from military service?” RM replied, “As a citizen of the Republic of Korea, of course I want to fulfill my obligations. Only then can we talk about rights. I will think of it (the mandatory military enlistment) as the time for us to grow up.”

Monk Deok Mun said, “One and a half years (of military enlistment) will be a valuable time for you to look back on yourself for a while, it won’t go y in vain,” and added, “I hope you become a BTS RM who does great music even when your hair  turns white as youget older.”

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He added, “As BTS is loved by people around the world, I hope you will continue to offer and deliver the message of mercy and love through your music and videos. I hope you will not become someone that rises and disappears through time, but become a true musician who sublimates music.”

RM walked along the Hwaeomsa Stone Road in search of music inspiration after the tea meeting with abbot Deok Mun. He left with a promise that he wanted to visit Hwaeomsa Temple again. The BTS leader had had a time of contemplation as he stepped on the temple’s snowy forest path surrounded by bamboo trees.

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Meanwhile, BTS has suspend its group activities for the members to fulfill their military duty. In December last year, the team’s oldest member Jin (real name Kim Seok Jin) joined as an on-duty soldier. Suga (real name Min Yoon Gi), J-Hope (real name Jung Ho Seok), and RM will also enlist to fulfill their military duty soon.

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