Big 3 girl group members greet fans through car windows and boast gorgeous visuals

Stunning beauty of female idols in car seats after work. 

Recently, BLACKPINK officially made their comeback after two years of absence. The members started their busy schedules and recordings for music shows. Fans once again had the chance to admire in person the stunning beauty of the girl group through their car’s window. Despite the briefness, BLACKPINK’s visuals still looked sharp and gorgeous.

Lisa sent her fans into a frenzy when the idol returned to her black hair, showing her forehead. Under the flashlight, Lisa’s features were highlighted and grew sharp in the photos. Rosé, while taking off work late, still stayed behind to talk to fans. Her goofy expressions were captured. 

Jisoo, on a different note, always greeted fans with a smile. Some fans musingly thought of her beside the window as a rom-com drama scene. After her, they also looked for Jennie. However, as she had taken off her makeup, the idol did not appear in front of the camera. 

TWICE is also highly regarded for their visuals, so the photos of them leaving work often create a buzz. Known for their intense schedules, TWICE members frequently travel by car. 

TWICE’s Sana and Mina are most well-known as the “goddesses” of photos behind car windows. Sana owns a collection of breath-taking moments as if shooting for a pictorial. Mina stuns fans with class and calm nature. 

SM’s Red Velvet is another group of beauty and charm. Countless times the members become the center of attention with photos captured at their car window. Wendy, Irene and Joy stand out with their brilliance and smiliness at every moment. 

Top at their visual games, these girl group members from Big3 companies never disappoint fans despite a brief click of the camera. Not only showing off their visuals, the female idols radiate friendly energy as they try to stay and talk to fans in spite of their tight schedules. 

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