Sooyoung Talks About the Relationship Between Yoona and Lee Junho

Sooyoung mentioned Yoona – Junho in her interview while talking about her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho.

On August 24th, Sooyoung had an interview with Newsen following the end of her new drama “Not Others”. She revealed many interesting stories about the filming process and her relationships. Immediately, the public focused their attention on her comments about her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho.

Jung Kyung Ho soo young

Sooyoung expressed gratitude to her boyfriend, “He loves and cares a lot about my new drama. He pays more attention to the film’s ratings than I do. Every morning, he texts me to ask about the ratings of ‘Not Others’. I think he knows I worked hard for this drama. I’m truly grateful for him.”

During the interview, Osen surprised Sooyoung with a question about when she and Jung Kyung Ho, who have been dating for 11 years, will hold a wedding. Sooyoung happily responded, “We will definitely announce it to the reporters first.”

Also in the recent interview, Sooyoung shared about her close friendship with fellow member Yoona. She revealed that she and Yoona exchanged messages of encouragement and support as both their new dramas aired this year.

yoona lee junho

Sooyoung expressed a special fondness for Yoona’s drama “King The Land” and mentioned the beloved pairing Yoona – Junho: “I watch the drama every day, it’s amazing. I even told Yoona, ‘I want to see you date Junho!’. Meanwhile, she said she cried when watching my drama.”

Notably, Yoona – Junho were rumored to be dating in July but denied it. Therefore, even Sooyoung “shipping” the two left fans surprised.

Source: K14.

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