Irene’s pictorial was excluded from the group’s photos, netizens wondered whether it was due to Irene’s attitude scandal

It seems like the controversy over Red Velvet Irene’s attitude scandal has not yet ended.

Irene Red Velvet

On August 22, a fashion magazine posted on their official Instagram promotional content that shares the behind-the-scene story and the styling tips for the shooting of Red Velvet‘s comeback MV.

The content included a group photo of Red Velvet and individual photos of each member with the concept of their new song, “Queendom”. After the post was published, Irene‘s individual photo and her tag were spotted missing, drawing the public’s attention.

On the one hand, fans reacted to the issue, saying, “Did they exclude Irene on purpose?”, “Why were Irene’s photo and her tag being left out?”, “They are promoting as a 5-member group, so why did you exclude Irene?”

However, many Internet users expressed their understanding of the magazine, saying it was because of Irene’s attitude controversies: “She deserves that”, “This is what will happen when you work in the same field, they are being loyal to their colleagues.”

Amid the heated arguments between the 2 sides, the magazine deleted the content and re-uploaded the post with Irene’s photo without giving any explanation.

Irene Red Velvet

Meanwhile, last October, Irene was involved in a controversy over her bossy attitude towards a staff at a photo shoot. After the issue was blown up more intensely, Irene and her company, SM Entertainment, made an official apology and promised that Irene would spend time on her self-reflection.

10 months after the controversy, Irene made her comeback with Red Velvet. It was said that during the self-reflection period, Irene learned many things such as painting and poppin’ dance, raising rumors once again.

Currently, Red Velvet is promoting their new song “Queendom”. 

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