Choi Soo Young, “Jung Kyung Ho cared about my drama ratings more than I did. Girls’ Generation members also supported me”

Actress Choi Soo Young expressed her gratitude for the support of her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho and Girls’ Generation members.

Choi Soo Young starred in Genie TV’s original drama “Not Others”, which recently ended on August 22nd. She received so much love and favorable reviews for her portrayal of the character Kim Jin Hee, a patrol team leader at a local police station trying to deal with her romance while living together with her mother Kim Eun Mi (Jeon Hye Jin).

Choi Soo young

Led by Choi Soo Young, Jeon Hye Jin, Ahn Jae Wook and Park Sung Hoon, “Not Others” recorded high viewer ratings throughout its broadcast. The drama started with 1.3% in episode 1 and achieved 5.5% in the last episode (episode 12). As a result, “Not Others” ranked No.2 among dramas with the highest viewership records in ENA history, following No.1 ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (17.5%).

Meeting with Newsen for an interview at Saram Entertainment office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on August 24th, Choi Soo Young shared, “What’s fascinating about this work is that I kept hoping that it did well from the first time it aired till it ended. For the first time in my life, I cared about the numbers. Because I wanted the family story of these two characters to be loved a lot. I hope it can comfort many people. However, after the director showed us the first episode, I felt relieved regardless of the rating result”.

Choi Soo young

She continued, “Since the drama came out well, I thought I didn’t need to worry about the result anymore. I learned many things from this project and I was grateful and amazed that a lot of viewers also felt the same way”, adding “Even when I went out to eat, some people saw me and said, ‘I’m watching your drama’. It was my first time experiencing that.”

Her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho also showed huge support. Choi Soo Young and Jung Kyung Ho have been dating for 10 years since they publicized their romantic relationship in January 2014. The actress smiled and confessed, “Actor Jung Kyung Ho really liked ‘Not Others’. He watched every episode and paid more attention to the ratings than I did. I received his text messages asking about the viewership result every morning after the broadcasts.”

Choi Soo young

She added, “I’m so thankful that there’s someone who cares about my hard work and efforts more than I do”. When asked about their marriage plan, Choi Soo Young smiled shyly and said, “If there’s any good news, I will tell the reporters first”.

Revealing that Girls’ Generation also gave her strength during the drama filming process, Choi Soo Young said, “Yoona and Yurri sent me their reactions to the drama. Tiffany asked me to wait for a little bit because she would watch it after all the episodes were out. I’m not upset at all because I know this friend always gives detailed feedback. We take care of each other in all activities. When other members film dramas, I often watch them all”.

Choi Soo young

Choi Soo Young recently made headlines with her appearance at the solo concert of Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon held at KSPO DOME, Seoul. In this regard, she said, “I went to Taeyeon’s concert recently. Although I’m also a member, I really enjoy watching my members perform. When we were preparing for Girls’ Generation’s concert, I jokingly said I wanted to see Girls’ Generation’s performances”. She laughed and added, “It was thrilling and interesting to see Taeyeon struggling with the performances alone”.

She continued, “I know she must have had a hard time. I really enjoyed seeing her perform as a solo singer at the concert for two days. I’m introverted but I reacted more enthusiastically than anyone else”, adding “I wanted to congratulate Taeyeon, as a member, a colleague and a friend.”

Source: Daum

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