Son Ye-jin once again showed amazing acting skills in “Thirty-Nine”

Son Ye-jin’s acting transformation is once again fascinating to viewers.

Son Ye-jin recently made a new acting transformation as Cha Mi-jo, a 39-year-old dermatologist and is drawing praise for her deep emotional performance in JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Thirty-Nine” (written by Yoo Young-ah, directed by Kim Sang-ho, produced by JTBC Studio, Lotte Culture Works).

First of all, Cha Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin) character is a woman who matches the word “perfect” well, doubling fans’ interest from the first episode. The dignity of a person who has achieved social success as a young hospital director and her humane aspect when with friends were depicted well by Son Ye-jin and her detailed acting.


Cha Mi-jo, who was adopted by her current family at the age of 7, grew up as a good and charming youngest daughter and is now returning the love she received from her family by volunteering at the nursery where she lived as a child. 

This genuine appearance of Cha Mi-jo stands out even more in matters related to her best friends Jung Chan-young (Jeon Mi-do) and Jang Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hyun). In particular, in the first episode, she fiercely criticized her friend Jung Chan-young who could not stop loving her ex-lover.


Another charm of Son Ye-jin was shown in the romantic story of Cha Mi-jo with Kim Sun-woo (Yeon Woo-jin). While expressing embarrassment at Kim Sun-woo‘s reckless expression of affection, the way she couldn’t hide her excitement made viewers laugh. On top of that, they have a thing in common: both were adopted, revealing another sincere aspect of hers that she has not shown to her friends. Therefore, it remains to be seen how precious Kim Sun-woo will be to Cha Mi-jo‘s life.


In addition, the second half of the 2nd episode, which drove viewers to extreme sadness, was a sequence in which Son Ye-jin‘s unbelievable acting skills were in full bloom. The scene where she burst into anger, engulfed in indescribable emotions when she had to break up with her friend conveyed heartbreaking sadness. Amid a ridiculous fate that quickly destroys Cha Mi-jo, who had been calm and rational in everything, questions are soaring about what she will do.


As such, Son Ye-jin is leading the drama in a heavy manner, expressing the fluctuating emotions such as happiness, sadness, shy excitement, and anger experienced by 39-year-old Cha Mi-jo. Above all, the unrivaled acting skills that overwhelm the scenes make us feel Son Ye-jin‘s true talent once again, raising expectations for her acting to be shown in the future.

Son Ye-jin‘s great acting continues to be shown every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m. in JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Thirty-Nine.”

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