(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon: “I Want to Be Sexy, But People Stop Me From Twerking”

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon regained her confidence in twerking thanks to the members of ‘Knowing Bros’.

In the new episode of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros‘ aired on June 3rd, singer Jo Hyun Ah and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon appeared among the guests.

The members of ‘Knowing Bros’ were particularly curious about the connection between Jo Hyun Ah and Miyeon, who seemed to have no relation. 


Jo Hyun Ah revealed their past relationship, saying, “Miyeon and I went to Canada together pre-debut. We went to a haunted house, and I followed her because she wasn’t scared at all.” 

Miyeon said, “During a difficult time when my debut fell through, Hyun Ah unnie bought me expensive wine, worth 1 million won. She was caring,” and Jo Hyun Ah even mentioned the name of the champagne herself. 

Jo Hyun Ah said, “I hoped Miyeon could learn to drink by drinking delicious wine. I even showed her how to open a bottle,” showing her reliable sisterly side.

Then, when Jo Hyun Ah showed off her singing skills, the hosts said with admiration, “The image when you sing and when you do variety shows is completely different.” Jo Hyun Ah said, “I changed my vocal tone. The voice I use for variety shows is more comfortable,” confessing that she can now freely pursue activities without image management, unlike before, after switching agencies.

Miyeon confessed, “Because I’m an idol, I manage my enthusiasm. I twerked at last year’s concert, but people told me not to do it.” 


Jo Hyun Ah was also one of the acquaintances who stopped Miyeon from twerking. Miyeon said, “If I dance here today and you guys tell me I’m not good, I won’t do it anymore. From June 17th, (G)I-DLE will go on a world tour, so I’ll check if I can twerk then.” In response, the ‘Knowing Bros’ members replied, “If your twerking is good, we will all attend your concert.

Miyeon presented a somewhat shy twerking performance in front of the ‘Knowing Bros’ members. The ‘Knowing Bros’ members praised Miyeon’s twerking. Singer Kim Jo Han, who is known as a ‘twerking expert,’ commented, “Twerking is originally sexy, but when Miyeon does it, it’s cute.” 

Hearing such comments, Miyeon expressed her regret, saying, “I want to be sexy though? This is the first time I’ve received such a reaction to my twerking.” Afterwards, even though they wouldn’t be able to attend the concert, the ‘Knowing Bros’ members promised to buy Miyeon a gift.

This episode also teases aespa’s appearance on ‘Knowing Bros’ next week. Giselle will be absent for health reasons, and only Karina, Ningning, and Winter will be appearing.

Source: Nate. 

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