Jo In Sung Sets a Date for Drama Comeback: His Leading Lady is Not Song Hye Kyo, But Anticipations Are Still High

Jo In Sung has announced a significant date for his highly anticipated return to the small screen. 

From the silver screen to the small screen over the last 23 years, Jo In Sung‘s repertoire encompasses a wide range of genres. Among his notable works is the unforgettable drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows,” where he shared the screen with Song Hye Kyo.

The undeniable chemistry between Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo in their previous collaboration had fans shipping the couple, hoping for a reunion in the near future. 

song hye kyo jo in sung

However, Jo In Sung is set to pair up with another exceptionally talented actress, on par with Song Hye Kyo, in an upcoming drama scheduled to premiere on August 9.

Jo In Sung is known for being selective with his script choices, often seen sparingly in movies. After a hiatus of seven years since “Dear My Friends,” Jo In Sung is finally preparing for his long-awaited comeback. He is set to star in the drama “Moving,” helmed by director Park In Je, who was instrumental in the success of “Kingdom 2.”


“Moving” boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Han Hyo Joo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Cha Tae Hyun, and Go Yoon Jung. The series is set in the action-fantasy genre, revolving around a group of students with extraordinary powers. However, they must conceal their mysterious abilities and discreetly use them to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their friends.

With 20 episodes in total, “Moving” is considered a pivotal project for Disney+ in 2023, primarily due to its star-studded cast and unique storyline. The series is set to premiere on August 9, and audiences are eagerly anticipating the on-screen chemistry between Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo.


However, recent news of staff layoffs within Disney Plus’s Korean team has raised concerns about the potential impact on the broadcasting schedule of various projects in the near future. 

Currently, the “Moving” production team has yet to comment on the fate of the project, leaving fans anxiously waiting for updates. As the date draws nearer for Jo In Sung’s comeback drama, the anticipation among fans continues to rise. 

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