Banned from donating, a fanboy spent a huge amount of money to promote BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo

The promotion this fan did for Lisa has an unprecedented scale!

Recently, the Chinese government has taken measures to restrict fandom culture. Chinese Kpop fans have long been known for their enormous, one-of-a-kind projects to support idols. Currently, collecting donations for such projects is no longer allowed.

However, no one can forbid an individual to support their idols using their own money. Recently, a fanboy of BLACKPINK Lisa has spent a huge amount of money to promote the female idol’s solo debut.

Currently, the support project has been implemented at 19 locations in China, in 16 out of 20 approved cities, from Beijing, Shanghai to Tianjin, Wuhan. Notably, these are all the most majestic cities in China.

Netizens can only admire the scale of this fanboy’s project: 

  • He did this all by himself. The effort equals an entire fanbar. Please adopt me.
  • Oh my gosh it’s so cool! This is even bigger than the biggest projects so far.
  • This is the most shocking project ever!

Indeed, no one has ever spent that much on an idol! Since Lisa is rich, so are her fans!


Meanwhile, Lisa has just taken to Weverse to express her worry about tomorrow, saying: “BLINKSS!! Not much time left!!!!!! Everyone ready? haha oh wow i’m so nervous. See you soon.”

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