Fans have already noticed why (G)I-DLE Jeon So-yeon appears with shoulder taping during “King of Mask Singer”

Netizens’ attention was focused on the identity of the shoulder taping that Jeon So-yeon used during a broadcast.

(G)I-DLE‘s leader Jeon So-yeon appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “King of Mask Singer”, which aired on May 8th. In particular, the taping on her left shoulder attracted attention.

On this day, Jeon So-yeon hid her identity with the mask “Flower Wind”. She overwhelmed the audience with her unique voice and charisma, but unfortunately, she was eliminated in the second round.

Soon after being eliminated, Jeon So-yeon posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption saying, “I was ‘Flower Wind’ of ‘King of Mask Singer’. Are you all surprised?”

In the photos, Jeon So-yeon was posing with the mask she wore at the time of the broadcast.

However, fans’ response was different from Jeon So-yeon’s expectations. Fans recognized Jeon So-yeon at once after hearing her distinctive voice and seeing her unusual shoulder taping.

Jeon So-yeon’s left shoulder has a noticeable big mole. In order to hide this, she taped quickly and appeared on “King of Mask Singer”, but it was rather evidence for fans to make sure that it was Jeon So-yeon.

On Jeon So-yeon’s Instagram and various online communities, netizens showed reactions such as “Wow we are so shocked. We’re so proud of you”, “A surprise indeed”, “Cute leader”, “I think you could have just appeared with the mask ‘(G)I-DLE So-yeon’“, “I’m not surprised, but I’d be surprised if you told me to”… (G)I-DLE Mi-yeon also left a comment saying, “I was fooled.”


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