Kim Soo Hyun’s 4 most iconic K-drama cameos: even more handsome than Hotel Del Luna

Famous actor Kim Soo Hyun may not make many cameos in Korean dramas and films, but he manages to make a deep impression every time. 

As one of the highest paid actors on the Korean screen, Kim Soo Hyun steals the spotlight whenever he appears. Even in cameo roles where his appearance lasts for mere seconds, the actor easily becomes the talk of town, and below are some of his most notable cameos.

Kim Soo Hyun

Miss Granny

So far, this is the only Korean movie where Kim Soo Hyun made a cameo. In particular, the actor made a brief appearance as the younger version of Mr. Park, who was one of the fleeting romances of Doo Ri – the female lead. 

kim soo hyun

Here, Kim Soo Hyun has stolen Doo Ri’s heart with his “cool boy” image, and the scene where the young Mr. Park took off his helmet and showed off his stunning visuals was among the most highly-discussed parts of “Miss Granny”.

Hotel Del Luna

hotel del lunar

In the hit K-drama “Hotel Del Luna”, Kim Soo Hyun made a surprise appearance at the very end to support his long-term best friend IU. In particular, at the end of episode 16, Kim Soo Hyun assumed the role of the new owner of the Guest House of the Moon.

Under Kim Soo Hyun’s ownership, the guest house is renamed “Hotel Blue Moon”. Despite appearing for mere seconds, the visuals of Kim Soo Hyun in a bartender outfit was already enough to rob various hearts.

Dream High 2

Speaking of IU, Kim Soo Hyun once worked together with the idol-actress in the popular K-drama “Dream High”. This led to his brief cameo in “Dream High 2”, which no longer retains the old cast. 

kim soo hyun

In particular, Kim Soo Hyun’s appearance was in the very first episode, where he flaunted a charming and neat short hairstyle, before giving Ri An (Jiyeon) – a major character of “Dream High 2” and leaving on a bus.

Crash Landing On You 

If Kim Soo Hyun in all the aforementioned series is somewhat cool and mysterious, then his image in “Crash Landing On You” is the complete opposite. The actor appeared in episode 10, as a North Korean spy who is residing in South Korea.

kim soo hyun

This sounds like a cool identity, but Kim Soo Hyun had to masquerade as a madman to seem unassuming. In particular, the actor boasts a messy hairstyle, wears a dirty green tracksuit, and acts in a “quirky demeanor” that leads to many chuckles. Apparently, this cameo is an allude to Kim Soo Hyun’s outstanding role in the tearful movie “Secretly, Greatly”. 

Source: K14

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