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Netizens brought up a suspicious scene in a past entertainment show starring Don Spike, who is suspected of taking drugs

A past entertainment broadcast starring composer Don Spike, who was recently arrested on drug charges, is being re-examined.

On September 27th, an article titled “Don Spike looked a little suspicious at that time…” was posted on the online community FM Korea.

do the right thing

The article contains a video showing Don Spike’s appearance on a broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Do The Right Thing” in 2018.

Do The Right Thing” was the first entertainment program in Korea that realistically shows not only the experience of being imprisoned but also a series of processes in which the judicial system operates, from arrests to trials and imprisonment. 

do the right thing

Don Spike tried this prison experience together with actors Kim Bo-sung, Park Gun-hyung, Koyote’s Kim Jong-min, Yoo Byung-jae, and WINNER’s Kim Jin-woo.

On the mentioned broadcast, Don Spike was seen making black coffee for Dr. Park, who was acting as an undercover complainant. 

do the right thing

Don Spike began to make black coffee by collecting only “coffee grains” from the coffee mix using two A4 paper. He successfully made black coffee after filtering out sugar particles with his delicate hand techniques. 

Kim Jin-woo, who was watching the process, praised Don Spike, “It smells exactly like Americano”.

In the scene where Don Spike was grinding coffee powder, the production team of the show added playful subtitles, such as “The face that can cause misunderstandings”, “secret hand techniques”, “The interesting scene in which the coffee powder looks strange”, “It actually looks suspicious”, etc. 

Right after the news of Don Spike being accused of taking drugs, Internet users immediately pointed out the unusual and suspicious hand techniques he showed when appearing on “Do The Right Thing” in the past. 

Meanwhile, Nowon Police Station in Seoul reported that they have begun investigating composer Don Spike, who was arrested on charges of administering and storing methamphetamine on September 26th. 

Source: wikitree

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