Debate arises between international and K-netizens when BTS’s V is spotted in NYC with no mask on

A short moment of V (BTS) has recently become a controversial topic on social media, especially when the globally famous male idol and his group BTS are attracting great attention after their appearance at the United Nations event.

Currently, BTS members are in the US, continuing their schedule after delivering a speech at the United Nations as Special Envoy of Korea’s President. However, V is currently involved in a controversy after he was spotted not wearing a mask in New York.

On social media, the moment of V wearing no mask while getting out of the car and entering the hotel BTS was staying at is widely spread. Meanwhile, other BTS members were all wearing masks. Immediately, this caused Korean and international netizens to split into two sides and fiercely debate. International fans speak up to defend V by saying that America does not have a mandatory order to wear a mask, so V did not violate the regulations. On the other hand, many Korean netizens claim that even if there are no regulations, V was still supposed to wear a mask to protect himself and the people around him.

Other members who got off before V were all wearing masks
Meanwhile, V didn’t wear one

There have been many opinions defending the BTS member, claiming that V only walked a short distance from the car to the hotel, the male idol was vaccinated and there is no regulation in the US to wear a mask. V still wears a mask during mandatory times such as in front of the United Nations building, at the Metropolitan Museum. But there are times he doesn’t wear a mask when everyone is not wearing it.

Many others are concerned about V’s health because even after receiving 2 doses of the vaccine, he could still be infected with COVID-19. And even if there is no regulation anywhere, including New York, the US, wearing a mask is still necessary and safe during the pandemic. Currently, 2 sides of opinion are still arguing on social networks from the US to Korea. In fact, whether vaccinated or not, wearing a mask to ensure safety during the pandemic season is still the most essential thing, especially in public and crowded places whether there are regulations or no regulation. All to protect public health.

  • I am in New York and here it is not mandatory to wear a mask when vaccinated, when outdoors and when with family and friends. Maybe he was wearing a mask in his pocket when he left the building.
  • It was just a moment when he got out of the car to enter the building.
  • Taehyung-ah, be careful. (Taehyung is V’s real name).
  • Just because it’s not mandatory to wear masks in New York or even if the members have had enough vaccines, Taehyung still has to wear masks. Not simply to comply with medical regulations, but also for his safety. But it’s over and he needs to be more careful next time.
  • Even if you have been vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask, we all must wear it.
In the US, V still wears a mask when he needs to wear it like before the United Nations, etc.
… and at the Metropolitan museum
When taking pictures with the heads of state, V and the members all take off their masks
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