(G)I-DLE Miyeon was refused to debut twice despite her beauty

Miyeon had a hard time before becoming famous as a (G)I-DLE member

Miyeon is a member with a high reputation in the group (G)-IDLE. It’s hard to not recognize her since her beauty is one of a kind, making her stand out from the group. 

(G)I-DLE Miyeon
Miyeon’s beauty is no joke

Recently, Miyeon appeared on the show Queendom 2 as a guest. Her beauty that got caught by the camera has made the fans’ hearts flutter. She shone like a goddess with a small nose and a slim chin.  

Miyeon made the fan community stir by just sitting still.  

Fans are constantly leaving comments admiring Miyeon’s visuals. They are particularly interested in her nose.

  •  Worthy of the name Beauty Cho.
  •  Miyeon means beautiful.
  •  I was shocked at the beauty of both Taeyeon and Miyeon. 2Yeon is so awesome.
  •  No one said she was faint anymore.
  •  She is getting more and more beautiful.

With her beauty and reputation, Miyeon is the first member of (G)-IDLE to officially debut solo. Recently, the female idol released a video named Mood Film, in which she played the role of a classic lady in a striped dress. The side-angle or close-up scenes have fully described her beauty.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon
Miyeon in Mood Film as a classic lady.
(G)I-DLE Miyeon
She even looked good in the bottom up film angle.
(G)I-DLE Miyeon
The camera angle shows off Miyeon’s beautiful nose.  

Miyeon has had a beautiful appearance since she was a child. It even gets better when she grows up. Therefore, fans were surprised to know that the female idol was refused to debut twice, leaving her almost unable to become an idol. Moreover, she used to be a trainee in the same lineup as BLACKPINK before she left the group.  

miyeon blackpink
Miyeon used to be a YG trainee and was supposed to debut with BLACKPINK. 

Leaving YG, Miyeon joined CUBE Entertainment. The company had intended for (G)-IDLE to debut with a 5-member lineup and already chose the members.  Therefore, the appearance of Miyeon at that time was not favorable to the group. The members thought that having 5 members was enough and they were not willing to welcome a new one. 

(G)-IDLE once rejected Miyeon because they thought the 5-member lineup was enough.  

CUBE tried to convince the group to let Miyeon join. Fortunately, she was accepted by the group. However, the female idol had a hard time coping with loneliness since she was a latecomer.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon
This beauty almost did not have the chance to debut as an idol.
(G)I-DLE Miyeon
Fans feel lucky that Miyeon is finally a piece of (G)-IDLE.
Miyeon’s beauty makes people fall in love.
She looks good in close-up selfie photos.

The fact that Miyeon officially debuted solo is a joy for fans. They hope that she will obtain many remarkable achievements in the future.

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