Unlucky Kai: Got on the front-page just because of hanging out with a friend

Dispatch definitely has a great love for Kai as they have been following the guy for 5 years.

Dispatch – an entertainment newspaper site in Korea – is often considered a nightmare to artists. Since the first dating news of a celebrity couple in 2008, reporters of Dispatch have left many artists flustered.

This year, Dispatch revealed the relationship between Kai (EXO) and Jennie (Black Pink). Kai is the number one target of Dispatch as this is the third time the paparazzi has announced news about him. Fans even commented: “Maybe because Dispatch has had a crush on Kai for a long time, but they are too shy to confess so they just keep watching him from afar …”.

Kai – Tae Min

Kpop fans all know about Kai and Tae Min(SHINee) friendship. In June 2014, the two had a fun summer walk along the Han River. It seemed to be very normal for close friends, but with Dispatch, they assumed this was a suspicious sign.
Kai and Tae Min did not disappoint the reporters. They were doing intimate actions, and even the rest their heads on each other’s shoulders. However, after all, they are just close friends. As a result, after the incident, Dispatch was fiercely criticized by the K-Pop fans for creating false rumour about such an innocent friendship.

Kai – Krystal

Being “embarrassed” because of Kai – Tae Min, Dispatch decided to gain their reputation back. And of course, they didn’t give up on Kai. After 2 years, on April Fool’s Day 2016, this newspaper continued to release a series of dating photos of the EXO member and Krystal (f (x)). These photos were taken on February 17, 2016, after Kai’s concert in Los Angeles (USA).
Unfortunately, this couple has been rumored by fans with many vague signs. Therefore, the reaction of public opinion was not “booming” as this newspaper expected … The couple also broke up in 2017 after the “silent” dating period.

Kai – Jennie

After being followed by Dispatch, fans thought that Kai would gain more experience. But he still used the supercar to pick up Jennie for a romantic winter date on November 25.
As a result, these photos were taken and released in the morning of January 1, 2019. All K-Pop fans were stunned as no one had ever had any idea about this couple. Whether will this love affair last, but if Kai later has a new girlfriend, he will probably be caught again by the paparazzi…

Source: iOne

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