BTS Jungkook recognized as “TikTok King” by TikTok itself

Jungkook, a member of BTS, has drawn attention after being acknowledged as the “TikTok King” by TikTok itself.

Recently, the official Twitter account of TikTok UK quote retweeted a fan’s post on Twitter that read “TIKTOK KING JUNGKOOK” and wrote, “Jungkook, come claim your CROWN,” showing strong agreement with the “king title”. 


In addition, TikTok UK also left replies like “he really is!” and “100%” when comments such as “Yes he is THEEE king!!!!” and “HE’S THE KING!!!” were posted, reiterating their recognition of Jungkook’s powerful popularity, influence, and presence on the platform.

Notably, the account cited the reason for Jungkook’s crown by replying “this!↑” to a comment stating that the hashtag “#jungkook” on TikTok has surpassed 178 billion views, becoming the first and only solo artist to achieve such a milestone.


Previously, the TikTok UK account also quoted a fan’s video on Twitter that said, “a jungkook tiktok account would go crazy,” and posted “wouldn’t it? Let’s get Jungkook on TikTok!” urging Jungkook to join the platform. At the same time, they also praised Jungkook and said, “He’d be incredible on tiktok.”

Meanwhile, on April 1st, Jungkook broke records with his unique personal hashtag “#jungkook” surpassing 180 billion views on TikTok, becoming the first and only solo artist worldwide to achieve this feat.


Jungkook has also been the global No.1 individual in terms of views on TikTok for 28 months since August 2020.

Source: Nate

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