From Song Ga In to Lee Jong Suk, Korean stars reveals cute and pretty childhood appearances

Song Ga In, Cha Joo Young, ITZY Ryujin, Lee Jong Suk and other stars seemed to have hinted at future “top star status” from childhood.

On May 5th, which is Children’s Day in Korea, various celebrities revealed their childhood photos via SNS. In particular, top-tier idols such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Cha Eun Woo, IU, Jang Won Young, and many more, unveiled their cute childhood selves. 

Now, other stars have followed suit, boasting cute and pretty childhood appearances and drawing huge attention. 


First, Song Ga In posted a photo with the caption, “Today is Children’s Day! ♥ Hehe (I adjusted the brightness but there’s nothing I can do about the darkness…ㅋㅋㅋ)”.

The released photo captures Song Ga In in her childhood. Her innocent expression and cute appearance, along with her sparkling eyes, hinted at her future growth into the “Trot Goddess”.

cha ju young

Meanwhile, Cha Joo Young also captivated fans with her exceptional beauty from a young age. The childhood photo that Cha Joo Young released captured the actress dressed in a princess-like outfit. In other photos, she is seen looking rather cute and demure.

In addition, ITZY member Ryujin reveals sparkling eyes and a playful image even from her childhood. Her innate “girl group appeal” is clearly visible.

Lee Jong Suk, who is publicly dating singer and actress IU, also possessed lethal charm even as a young boy. The photo he released captures the irresistible cuteness and handsomeness of “baby Lee Jong Suk”. Along with the photo, Lee Jong Suk also added a humorous caption reminiscing about his childhood, saying, “Ah~ that day was fun”.


In addition, YG Entertainment also revealed childhood photos of their actors through official SNS channels. It can be seen that Jang Ki Yong, Yoo Seung Ho, and others, all possessed exceptional looks from their childhood.

Source: Daum

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