More childhood photos of famous idols and singers unveiled on Korean Children’s Day 

K-idols and singers’ childhood photos are gaining attention on social media.

BTS V, RM, Jung Kook, and Jimin

BTS has emerged as one of the top K-pop groups in Korea and overseas. As children, these BTS members showed off bright smiles and playful charms in various settings. As the members are carrying out their military services one by one, BTS is temporarily halting their group activities and focusing more on solo ones. 


In her childhood photos, IU was full of cuteness, whether in a sulky expression or a cheerful one. IU is gaining more success both as an actress and a singer. 


Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong showed off a playful side of himself in a released childhood photo. With a sticker on his cheek, young Young Woong seems to be an active child. What stood out is his eyes that have not changed over time. 


IVE Jang Won Young 

As a child, Jang Won Young showed a bright image. As the idol grew older, her visual blossomed. Currently, Jang Won Young is known for an impressive height and undeniable beauty that brought her various commercial deals and close connections with fashion brands. 


Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

As a child, Taeyeon was full of beauty, cuteness, and talent. The child in the photo grew up to be an active member of Girls’ Generation, their sub-units, and in her solo music activities. Taeyeon is also active in entertainment shows.


EXO Kai 

As a child, EXO Kai shone through with an androgynous charm. His long, wavy hair attracted attention to the singer at a young age. The child grew up to be a famous and successful singer. 


BLACKPINK Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé

Recently, BLACKPINK has been a buzz online as they headlined Coachella 2023. At the same time, childhood photos of Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé start gaining traction on social media. They boasted a lovely charm in the pictures, with big smiles and adorable looks. 


Cha Eun Woo 

Cha Eun Woo was exceptionally mature and polished in his childhood picture. The idol-actor boasted a prince-like charm in the released photo. As a child, Cha Eun Woo confidently showed off his handsomeness. 


Source: Daum 

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