Lee Sang-bo is cleared of drug charges, shared about his current work at an accomodation business and why he had panic disorder 

Lee Sang-bo reported his recent situation and how he is still suffering from the trauma on MBN’s “Special World,” which aired on Oct 20th. 

Earlier, Lee Sang-bo was arrested on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act near his home in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in the afternoon of September 10th. However, Lee Sang-bo completely denied the charges, saying that it was the result of the depression drugs he had been taking, and on Sep 30th, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said that there was no evidence regarding Lee Sang-bo’s alleged drug use.

However, Lee Sang-bo is still suffering from trauma despite being proved innocent. A month after the drug controversy, he revealed for the first time the sad story behind it. 

Lee Sang-bo

The production team visited an accommodation business where he was staying. He was cleaning the room refrigerator with water. It turns out to be his acquaintance’s lodging house. Lee Sang-bo, who came here right after the incident, said he was spending time going on with his life as fast as possible. Lee Sang-bo said, “I’m trying to help with this because I live here, I learned how to clean my room here.” He said, “Once I clean up, my head starts to lose all thoughts, so I’m only focusing on this. It’s mentally helpful.” He added, “I cleaned up to clear my frustration.”

Lee Sang-bo said, “I usually take depression medicine, and then I might drink a can of beer,” adding, “I went out twice to buy something at a convenience store. But about eight people in the district and the police were pouring out questions towards me, and I was wondering what the situation was,” he said.

Lee Sang-bo

He said he had already been branded a drug actor. This acquaintance’s accommodation stepped out to cover him as if he was running away from the public’s eyes. He said, “I came here suddenly at night as a fugitive.” At the same time, he said, “It’s worth living through,” but he still looks anxious as if he hasn’t move on from the trauma.

Lee Sang-bo said, “The word I heard the most was ‘negative, positive’, and it has already settled in my mind as a trauma,” showing that all his daily life seems to have stopped. It was his first outing since the drug incident, when an acquaintance suggested him going out to revitalize his life. Lee Sang-bo showed some discomfort even though he was wearing a mask with his hat pressed down.

Lee Sang-bo

In particular, he visited a rock cave that afternoon to relieve anxiety. He said that he happened to find a cave while taking a walk, and whenever he was anxious, he visited that cave to calm his mind. He looked at nature in the dark to look for a peace of mind and body.

Meanwhile, MBN’s “Special World” is a program that depicts high-quality documentaries, including life stories of stars who have been active in various fields, and hidden stories of our neighbors around us.

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