Freezia: “How can we follow a script when we’re not even actors?”

YouTuber and influencer Freezia (Song Ji-ah) mentioned “Single’s Inferno” scripted allegations.


In a recent YouTube video, when asked, “Was Single’s Inferno scripted or did they let you do and say whatever?”, Freezia replied, “I saw the reactions and comments. Many seemed to believe that everything was scripted.”

Then she explained, “But I have to tell you that it really wasn’t. It doesn’t make sense. Think about it. How can we follow a script when we’re not even actors? I promise there wasn’t one.”


In particular, Freezia shared, “All the participants acted the way they wanted. But maybe everything seemed so much like a soap opera? Maybe that’s why everybody was saying it’s scripted.”

Meanwhile, Freezia became the final couple with Kim Hyun-joong in “Single’s Inferno“.


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