Former The Ark & UNI.T member Lee Su Ji announces marriage, congratulated by VIVIZ’s 98line & UNI.T 

Ex-The Ark and UNI.T Lee Su Ji received warm congratulations from fellow idols after announcing her marriage

On September 5th, Lee Su Ji posted a handwritten letter on her SNS account to announce her marriage.

She said, “My most precious dream has come true. I met a person who always loves me and we will get married in October this year”, adding “For me, who had always wanted to meet someone resembling my father since I was young, the groom-to-be is a kind, delicate and affectionate like my father”.

Lee Su Ji announces marriage

Introducing her future husband, Lee Su Ji said, “He’s the person who teaches me how to express love since I was too reserved in expressing my feelings. He shows me the love in which we lower ourselves and devote ourselves to the other more through life. He tells me that I can enjoy happiness with small things and turns my life as a person who likes movies into a romantic comedy every day.”

Lee Su Ji announces marriage

Lee Su Ji continued, “I made my debut when I was so young, and many people have watched me growing up for a long time. I’m feeling so nervous holding the pen to write this letter because I believe that they would be very surprised by this sudden news”. She added, “There are people who have loved and supported me through every moment of my life. I know that better than anyone else. Thank you for always supporting me as a person named Lee Su Ji aside from singer and actress Lee Su Ji”, expressing her gratitude to fans.

Lee Su Ji announces marriage

Reading the letter, VIVIZ members Umji and SinB, who used to be active under GFRIEND, also left congratulations. Umji said, “Su Ji ah! Su Ji ah. The news still gets me overwhelmed. Congratulations!”. SinB expressed her excitement, saying “I’m giving you my best congratulations!”.

Former DIA member and UNI.T’s Baek Ye Bin expressed her affection by saying, “I love you,” while UNI.T’s Lee Hyun Joo, who was previously a member of APRIL, added heart emojis as she congratulated. Another fellow member, NC.A, conveyed her congratulations with multiple exclamation marks, saying, “Congratulations~!~!~!~!”

Lee Su Ji announces marriage

As the congratulations from her colleagues poured in, fans also joined in with reactions like, “I’m surprised, but congratulations,” “UNI.T’s youngest is the first! I hope you build a happy family and have only good things ahead,” “I support your future,” “Su Ji is getting married?“, and “We love you. We will continue to support you in the future,” showing a wave of congratulations.

Meanwhile, born in 1998, Lee Su Ji made her debut in 2015 with the DIA’s single album “Somebody 4 Life.” She also performed as part of UNI.T, a group derived from KBS 2TV’s “The Unit”, in 2018.

Source: Daum

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