SHINee Onew leaves a message to fans regarding his hiatus, “I think I should say something to you”

Onew, a member of the group SHINee, directly explained his decision to take a break from activities.

On June 9th, Onew posted on his Instagram account a message regarding his temporary activity suspension.

Onew said, “I think many people must have been so surprised by the announcement, and it is the right thing that I should say something to you all That’s why I’m writing this post”.


He continued, “I will try my best to recover my health and return. I’m sorry for causing concern to many people, and I would appreciate it if you can consider this time for me to take a short rest so that I can be with SHINee and you all in the future”, asking fans for their understanding.

Onew confessed, “Regarding the timing, I thought a lot about it and realized that there might have been misunderstandings and mistakes because my condition did not improve”, adding “However, I made this decision because the future is more important and I want to keep my promises.”

He once again apologized, saying “I will come back in good health condition so that we can spend good days together and make each moment of our lives meaningful. I’m sorry for worrying you all.”

On June 9th, Onew’s agency SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding Onews temporary hiatus through their fan community, saying “Onew was feeling unwell, so he received consultations and health checkups. As a result, the doctor advised that he should take a rest to receive treatment and recover.”

Therefore, Onew will not participate in SHINee’s solo concert, scheduled to be held on from the 23rd to the 25th of this month, and promotional activities for SHINee’s 8th full album “HARD”, which will be released on the 26th.

Source: Wikitree

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